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Tribute to Mrinal Sen on Birth Centenary

Legendary Indian film maker Mrinal Sen was born on this day, 14 May 1923 in Faridpur district, now in Bangladesh. He used cinema to express his thoughts on the contemporary life and society. Besides Bengal, he made films in Oriya, Telegu and Hindi. His low budget Bhuvan Shom created New Wave in Hindi cinema. His films won numerous national and International Awards. Mrinal Sen was a friend, philosopher and guide of our society. He refused to hold any post but always provided helping hands. On this 100th Birth Anniversary we pay our love, respect and tribute to the unforgettable film maker.

বই মেলায় নতুন বই

কিংবদন্তি চলচ্চিত্র পরিচালকের জন্মশতবার্ষিকী উপলক্ষে আমরা মৃণাল সেনের উপর একটি নতুন বই প্রকাশ করেছি। ১ ফেব্রুয়ারি ২৩, কলকাতা বই মেলায় বইটি প্রকাশ করেন বিশিষ্ট অভিনেতা শ্রী রঞ্জিত মল্লিক, যিনি সেনের সাক্ষাৎকারে (১৯৭০) চলচ্চিত্র কর্মজীবন শুরু করেছিলেন। ওম সিনেমা সকল বইয়ের জন্য দয়া করে আমাদের স্টল (২৮৪) দেখুন।

Mrinal Sen : the iconoclast film maker

Today is the 99 th birth anniversary of Mrinal Sen, a film maker who believed that cinema is a medium not only to tell a story but also to underline a message. He chooses film to express his thoughts on life and society. His films Kolkata 71, Interview, Ek din pratidin, Kharij etc. reflected the social milieus of middle class society in that time. In 1969 with Bhuban Shome, Mrinal Sen ushered in a new era in Hindi Cinema. He also made two important Hindi films Khandahar and Ek Din Achanak. He also made films in Oriya and Telegu. Mrinal da was a friend and philosopher of our society. On the eve of his centenary we pay respectfull tribute to this unforgettable film director

The First Script Book of Satyajit Ray in English

Here is the Cover Page of a historic Book. The full script of Panther Panchali was published by Cine Central in 1981. Its well known that Ray shoot his first film Pather Panchali without a conversational script. He had dialogue sheet and improvised as the film progressed over a long time. This script book was basically collated from various sources like Script given to Censor Board, illustration pages made by director, teaching materials for this film developed by Prof. Satish Bahadur of Poona Film Institute, excerpts published in various journals. The Bengali dialogue was translated by Mrs Lila Ray, cover design was by Dipok Dey and edited by Parimal Mukherjee. The book was highly acclaimed here and abroad. Many leading institutions collected copies.

Cine Central, Calcutta presents Two Documentary Films

Pabung Syam (Director :Haobam Paban Kumar)

Highways of life (Director :Maibam Amarjeet Singh)

produced by Films Division, India.

The documentaries will be shown online in this website from April 14 to April 21, 2022.We thank Films Division, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, India for providing us these two documentaries. The Linksare given below.

Pittu is no more

With the death of Animesh Mukherjee, popularity known to all as Pittu, we lost a shining jewel of our society. He died on Sunday, after a brief illness. For over Fifty years he devotedly worked to organise various programmes. He held many posts like Asst. Secretary, Joint Secretary and Vice President.

Always smiling, soft voice, tall, handsome Pittu was a familiar face in the Bengali film atena. He was also involved in the film production. He produced some interesting Documentary and TV serial in Doordarshan. He was also involved in the production of famous Bengali news programme Khas Khabar.

We convey our heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family members. Our tearful farewell homage to dear friend

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